The Steiner Family

Your friendly & attentive hosts

We, the Steiner Family from Eben im Pongau, would like to welcome you warmly to our Jugendgästehaus Steiner. As your hosts we are constantly do our utmost to ensure you enjoy a great holiday here with us in Eben im Pongau. The Steiner Family consists of 5 members: Waltraud senior, Ferdinand, Angelika, Gerald and Waltraud junior.

At our family-run hostel Ferdinand, Waltraud senior and Waltraud junior work together as a good team. Waltraud Steiner junior is the boss of our youth hostel im Salzburger Land and responsible for the organisation and well-being of our guests. She looks after bookings, special requests and any suggestions you might have. Her partner Josef Steiner is at her side and helps with words and deeds. The senior boss Waltraud Steiner is in charge of catering and ensures good, healthy and balanced meals. The high-quality meat and sausage meat comes from Ferdinand Steiner’s own butchers’. Ferdinand is also a big help keeping everything up to standard in the house.

The history of our house

  • 1939: First guests were looked after by Maria Stadler.
  • 1952: Public tavern with accommodation, run by Marianne and Ferdinand Steiner senior.
  • 1970: Building of the A10 Richtung Motorway to Salzburg. Conversion to a youth hostel. Construction of own 300 m long drag-lift. At the time a great achievement, but it wasn’t in operation for very long.
  • 1975: Opening of the additional family firms – the butchers’ and the Steiner Riding School.
  • 1985: Handover of the youth hostel to daughter-in-law Waltraud and son Ferdinand Steiner.
  • 2009: New handover to Waltraud Steiner junior, who runs the youth hostel with love and enthusiasm, The Steiner Family’s top priority is that their guests have a enjoyable stay which they remember for a long time.
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